Cookery course Provence France

The food at Olives and Vines

Here at Olives and Vines we all dine together to enjoy food that is tasty, interesting and healthy and balanced.

The mostly vegetarian menu is cooked with love and because we believe that fresh is best we always make the most of seasonal ingredients. The creative menu is ingredient driven, inspiration coming from the beautiful produce grown by our local farmers, we look for what is available, ripe and best at the time and build on that.

There is something immensely satisfying about eating food and drinking wine in the place where it is grown or made and here at Olives and Vines we want you to experience just that and so we will provide you with food that is a celebration of the lands.

We use local artisan producers for our bread, honey and cheese and herbs and fruits from our own gardens as well as our own olive oil.