Anna Pearce

Cookery course Provence Anna Pearce

Anna – La Chef

I am a food-loving country girl at heart, who has called France her home for the last 14 years.

I am Anna to my friends and Mummy to my three beautiful and beloved girls and I believe that what you eat matters! I believe in quality not quantity. I like simple, sustainable and seasonal. And I like to feel satisfied.

I trained as a Home Economist and specialized in food and nutrition. I have worked in food research and development, food marketing and as a teacher of independent living, assisting people to take control of their health and develop healthy eating behaviors.

I have cooked in many different eating establishments, ranging from a milk bar in Australia to a Michelin-starred restaurant in London. I now work as a private chef. I have had a life full of travel and adventure and have eaten my way through many countries. I am a devoted cook and eater.

I live in a beautiful, traditional alpine village in a barn we renovated into a home with a fabulous flower and vegetable garden. We are surrounded by forests and mountain pastures. And from living here I have developed a direct and immediate appreciation of the seasons. We grow what food we can. We forage. We scrump and we swap with our neighbours. We are fortunate to be surrounded by farmers who supply us with fresh produce; milk still warm from the cow, fresh eggs from our neighbours and happy meat from animals who graze alongside our house.

People often ask me what is my kind of food. Such a difficult question to answer but here goes:

I like food that sings in my mouth as well as on the plate. I like food to be delicious, not fussed with. I like texture, flavour and balance. I like food to be healthy, recognizing there is always a place for a really good treat. I like local food (wherever I might be in the world). I like interesting and different grains, unusual herbs, seeds, spices and ingredients from afar.

And what is good food without good wine and of course good friends? To me cooking is an act of love and giving and the desire to share with others.

Cookery course France Provence Anna Pearce